About the Site:

Last updated:  6.jan 2019

Welcome to www.fljotavik.is

Many are here after searching words like Fljotavik or Straumnes, Icelandic names for a bay and a mountain, close to each other  in the extreme far North-West part of Iceland. Both names appear on a CD by the Icelandic band “Sigur ros” or “Sigurros”.

Except for this page, this site is exclusively written in Icelandic and is all about how people lived – survived even –  in Fljótavík from around the year 1000 up until June 16., 1946 when everyone moved away and the land was left deserted.

In 1969, some that had moved out in 1946 and their descendants started to build the summerhouse Atlastadir –  and from then on many more summerhouses have been build.

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